Mission Statement

Dutchess Land Conservancy (DLC) is dedicated to preserving the scenic, agricultural and environmental resources of Dutchess County, New York, and the surrounding area.

DLC, as a private non-profit land conservation organization, carries out its mission primarily by obtaining conservation easements on privately held land and monitoring these easements in perpetuity. Conservation easements, acquired through either donation or purchase, are legal agreements limiting future development in order to protect land for conservation purposes.

In addition, DLC provides professional assistance to landowners and municipalities to encourage environmentally sound planning, and educates the public on matters of land conservation and stewardship.


In fulfilling its mission, DLC’s policies and actions are guided by the following values:

  • Leadership – DLC brings knowledge, commitment, honesty and trust to its relationships with people in everything that it does.
  • Relationships – DLC understands that relationships are important to its long-term sustainability and builds and maintains constructive, cordial and appreciative relationships with property owners, supporters, public officials, colleagues and members of the community.
  • Balance – DLC recognizes the need for both open spaces and well-planned development.
  • Solution-focused – DLC uses its expertise to help private landowners and communities find creative and innovative solutions to help them mold future decisions about land.
  • Integrity and Perpetual Responsibility – DLC stands up for what it believes in, commits itself to its social responsibility to permanently protect and steward the land in its care, and ensures its promise to carry out its responsibility to oversee and enforce the terms of its easements in perpetuity.