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Planning and Siting Your House:  A Guidebook by Dutchess Land Conservancy

This book presents some guidelines to help you site and build a home to harmonize with the natural landscape.
8 pgs., color illustrations, softcover

Hudson River Valley Rural Design Guidebook

by Columbia Land Conservancy and Dutchess Land Conservancy

This guidebook illustrates practical and creative techniques that should be used to implement a vision of dynamic rural communities which continue to grow and evolve while preserving their historic beauty, agricultural productivity, and sense of place.
24 pgs., color illustrations, softcover, $12.25

Preserving Family Lands: Essential Tax Strategies for the Landowner

by Stephen J. Small, Attorney at Law

The purpose of this book is to alert landowners to the nature and extent of potential tax and land-saving problems that may face them and their families, and to suggest possible solutions. Small provides essential tax strategies for anyone who thinks they may be leaving land to their children, inheriting land from their parents, or have land they care about and don’t want to lose.
99 pgs., softcover, $11.75

Preserving Family Lands: Book II

by Stephen J. Small, Attorney at Law

The next book in the Preserving Family Lands series, Book II covers a few of the same issues, such as conservation easements and the basic estate tax rules, but it also covers the next generation of planning.
119 pgs., softcover, $11.75

Design Guide for Rural Roads

by Dutchess Land Conservancy

This guide offers design recommendations for both new and existing rural roads, sidewalks and parking areas, bicycle paths and breakdown lanes. It also deals with the nitty-gritty of road layout and construction, outlining specifications for surface courses, catch basins, and other fundamental elements of road design. 182 pgs., illustrations, softcover, $29,95

Voices of the Land

Foreward by Michael Pollan

A visual and written tribute, Voices of the Land brings together a diverse community who speaks out for greater stewardship of our landscape. The authors, whether ecologist, farmer, chef, mushroom gatherer, architect, or writer, share of their own unique relationships to the land. Together with evocative photographs that detail the intricacies of nature, Voices of the Land encourages homeowners to be responsive to the existing character and ecology of the land as it becomes a home. Voices of the Land was commissioned by the Dutchess Land Conservancy and royalties from the book will support land conservation efforts.
84 pgs., softcover