Mead Family

Farm families often want to preserve their farm but an easement donation is not always practical.  Another option is through the sale of development rights. This allows a farm family to extract some equity to continue the farm operation, pass it on to a younger family member, or enable an older generation of family members to retire without having to sell the farm.  Farmers love their land and their way of life and protecting it helps the family realize their goal of sustaining the farm operation.  Protecting farmland benefits all of us because farmers are stewards who work tirelessly to maintain our rural communities and ensure we can grow food close to home, especially in times of greater food security needs. DLC works tirelessly to help farmers complete these complex “purchase of development rights” projects.  These farm families are committed to ensuring that agriculture continues to be an important part of the fabric of our communities.

DLC is also concerned with the County’s farming heritage and not only striving to protect its working farms but is interested in helping them continue to be viable and sustainable, producing healthy products that support the well-being of local communities.  In conjunction with its Strategic Plan DLC is currently looking at possible available opportunities where we might play a role such as a farmer-mentoring program, added public awareness and farm education, and hosting roundtable discussions to determine farmer needs.

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