a looking goat abWith every easement we accept comes the responsibility to keep our promise to actively monitor easements into the future. This promise includes not only annual monitoring but also the equally important job of keeping careful records and maintaining good relationships with our easement landowners.

Each year DLC protects more land using conservation easements.  With these easements comes the responsibility of assisting landowners with the ongoing stewardship of their protected properties.  We are now privileged to work with more than 400 conservation-minded stewards who own land protected by conservation easements.

We are dedicated to maintaining positive, active relationships with these stewards, whose partnership is essential in managing the provisions set forth in the easements protecting their properties. We work directly with landowners to ensure that alterations permitted new development, and land management activities are in compliance with the terms of their easements. All protected properties are systematically monitored annually, using a combination of landowner contacts, aerial overflights, and ground checks.

We also work closely with landowners, realtors and neighbors to track when an easement protected property changes hands.  We then reach out to the new landowners to answer any questions they may have and to determine their management objectives for the property so we can try to accommodate these goals while still ensuring that the terms of the easement are maintained.

On the rare occasion that problems are identified during monitoring, we work with the landowner to remedy the situation.  Contributions to DLC’s Stewardship Endowment help defray the costs involved with the task of overseeing 42,000 plus acres of easement-protected land.