Conservation Easements are becoming an increasingly popular tool to protect land in conjunction with town required open space within development plans. DLC is uniquely positioned to help towns through a strategic planning process starting with a resource inventory of a property to determine what resources are most important to protect before a development plan is sketched out

This resource information can be used to determine site-specific conservation land planning options by analyzing the most important resources to protect on a property and then making the case for allowing development in well-planned areas.

DLC’s expertise on the use of, and the perpetual oversight of conservation easements can help towns better understand how easements can be used effectively in the protection of important resources within the town planning process. DLC can also help Towns assess the long term cost of open space stewardship.

Towns in Dutchess County are increasingly requiring conservation easements in conjunction with large subdivisions. Towns are often not equipped to hold easements. It’s important that a qualified organization that is committed to enforcing the easement be the holder. Towns often look to DLC as the local respected conservation organization to hold these easements. DLC will consider easements in conjunction with development proposals when:

  • The resources to be protected are substantial, important to the Town, and meet DLC’s easement protection criteria. DLC will provide specific guidelines to Towns if we are to be involved.
  •  There is a significant impact on our landscape if we are not involved.
  •  DLC is involved in the initial conceptual planning to ensure that desired resource protection is achieved.
  •  DLC receives adequate funding to pay for costs and stewardship endowment.