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Spring Barn Dinner Dance becomes “Celebrate the Outdoors 2020” Campaign

Spring of 2020 finds all of us with the world turned upside down. Our sincere hope is that you and those you care about remain healthy and safe. The work of the DLC continues, but with protocols in place to allow our staff to work remotely, so that we are not exposed and we do not contribute to the spread of this virus.

As we work together to navigate the unfamiliar territory of the coronavirus and the resulting safety regulations, we have decided we will not be holding our May 9th Spring Barn Dance. This is truly unfortunate, as this annual special event provides critical funds to help us protect important farms and open space in our communities.

This year, we are on the brink of protecting four more farms with another seven in the wings, as well as the acquisition and protection of an amazing 180-acre property that will eventually be open to the public. We all know that being able to venture outdoors helps to calm our souls, relieving some of the stress of today’s times.

With these very important projects in the works, we hope that you will join us as our barn dance theme becomes our Celebrate the Outdoors 2020 campaign. If you would like to support this campaign as a member of the Underwriter Committee, please contact Karen at karenk@dutchessland.org

With your vital support, we will be able to continue our work to protect the very lands that provide us with so much security right here in our own hometowns. Land conservation truly does benefit each and every one of us – this is now more evident than ever.

We look forward to staying in touch and wish you continued health and safety as we navigate these times together.

Thanks so much to the sponsors of Celebrate the Outdoors 2020:


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