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Spring Barn Dinner Dance becomes “Celebrate the Outdoors 2020” Campaign

Huge thanks to our Celebrate the Outdoors 2020 Campaign Supporters for helping us meet our $100,000 goal!

We are grateful to all who donated: Underwriters, Sponsors, and the anonymous couple who provided a very generous match!

In early spring, as we worked to navigate the unfamiliar territory of the coronavirus, we realized we would not be able to hold our annual Spring Barn Dinner Dance. The Barn Dance, which has become a springtime favorite, provides critical funding for our conservation projects.

We quickly worked to re-envision the Barn Dance — and the Celebrate the Outdoors 2020 Underwriter’s Campaign was born!

This year, we are excited to be working to protect more than twenty key properties! We all know that being able to venture outdoors and to rely on locally grown food helps to reinvigorate us. Working together we can continue to protect the important open land that makes Dutchess County a special place to live—now and for generations to come!

We are extremely grateful to the following supporters for participating in this important Campaign:

Celebrate the Outdoors Campaign Underwriters

Ashley & Vincent Andrews
Sherrell Andrews & Rob Kuhbach
Ron & Betsy Atkins
Phil Balshi & Pam Scott
Irene & Jack Banning
Lisa Barnes & Paul H. Schwartz, DVM
Judy & Steve Benardete
Caroline Benveniste & Jacques Ya Deau
Marjaleena & Jonathan Berger
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Bienstock
Franklin Boyd
Lelee Brandt
Gladys Bucove
Fred Butler & Daphne Birdsey
Hugo Cassirer & Sarah Buttrick
Lillian Chapman
Barry & Rosemary Chase
Farnham Collins
Dana Cowin & Barclay Palmer
Judy & Archibald Cox, Jr
Katie Cusack
Jodi & Andrew Dady
Jacqueline Flake & David Dase
Kathleen & John Dunagan
Chris & Joy Dyson
Leslie Farhangi & John Tuke
Pam Fields & Andy Postal
Fitch’s Corner
Tom & Deban Flexner
Jim & Tracy Florack
Cory Gnazzo
James Gorman
Lorna & Larry Graev
Colleen & DeForest Howland
Mrs. John R. Hupper
Nicolas & Magdalena Ibanez
Sarah Burns Israel
Brad & Barbara Kendall

Diana Niles King
Karin & Paul Kingsley
Raymond Learsy
Mary & Bill Lunt
Linc & Ruthie Lyman
Lorna & James Mack
Claire & Chris Mann
Alison & Michael Marsal
Heather L. Masciotti
C. Geerlings & S. Metzger
Ray Mikulich & Karen Karlsrud
Kelly Morgan
Will & Henrietta Morlock
John & Jenn Nisi
Janet & David Offensend
Jennifer & Erik Oken
David & Jane Parshall
Florence Peyrelongue & Jose Luis Guerra
Eve Propp
Encarnita & Robert Quinlan
Tim & Coco Quinlan
Maurice Regan
Terry & John Regan
John Royall
Sarah & Alexander Saint-Amand
Daniel & Liz Schechter
Rebecca & Bryant Seaman
Patricia & Andrew Soussloff
Eliza Thorne & Michael Barnello
Jonathan & Jennifer Thorne
Vincent & Gabrielle Vallarino
Olivia van Melle Kamp
Andrea W. Walton
Debra Wassman-Lanman
Dorsey Waxter & Richard Armstrong
Kim & Jeffery Wieland
Di & Ross Williams
Amelia & Jim Wilson


Thanks so much to the sponsors of Celebrate the Outdoors 2020:


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