As part of DLC’s Trade Lands program, we accept outright donations of land with and without conservation value, with the understanding that DLC will likely resell the property and apply the proceeds to help fund our conservation goals.

Carpenter Hill view towards Smithfield Valley a

DLC accepts both immediate outright donations of land as well as deferred donations. If you wish to donate land to DLC at this time, DLC would immediately assume ownership of the entire property after the transfer is complete.  You would benefit by no longer having to pay property taxes, eliminating your maintenance costs, eliminating any capital gains taxes for the transfer, as well as potentially qualifying for an income tax deduction for a charitable gift of the fair market value of the property.

Interested in learning more about donating your land?  Please call our Development Office today at: (845) 677-3002 Ext. 110.


DLC currently has two properties for sale which were donated by caring landowners who wished to further our mission.