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Want to learn how to take care of your wooded lands?

An Ecological Approach
to Forest Stewardship
Virtual Workshop

Join the DLC and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies for
‘An Ecological Approach to Forest Stewardship,’ a three-part Virtual Workshop series, consisting of three 1½ hour sessions: view the recorded sessions below!

Our forests provide important services such as clean air and water, flood control, natural cooling, carbon sequestration to help with climate change, supplemental income, scenic views, and sites for outdoor recreation. But did you know that three-quarters of New York’s forested lands are privately owned? This means that anyone who owns or manages forested lands can influence the health and future of this important resource for everyone.

An Ecological Approach to Forest Stewardship is designed for anyone interested in learning about forest stewardship, from backyard woodlots to larger woodlands.

Can’t make the sessions but want to know what you can do now? One option is to plant new trees to help with climate resiliency. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is a great resource! Check out their “How to Plant a Tree” page. It has everything you need to know. They also have a comprehensive tree planting guide for you to download here and a crucial tree maintenance guide here that will ensure that your seedlings turn into healthy, full-grown trees ready to play their part in mitigating climate change!

Session 1: Ecology and History of Northeast Forests – In this session, discover…

  • Why are forests important?
  • It’s a scale thing (space and time)
  • The parts are all connected
  • Succession – Nature does not stand still
  • How land use history has shaped today’s forests

Session 2: Threats to Northeast Forests – In this session, discover…

  • Impacts of development, habitat loss, and fragmentation
  • The changing composition of our forests due to invasive plants, pests, and pathogens
  • Deer impacts on our forest communities
  • Doing nothing is doing something

Session 3: Goals, Inventory & Planning – In this session, discover…

  • Setting future goals
  • Helpful resources for developing your plan
  • Measuring the current health of your forest
  • ‘In the field’ video – Inventory and measure your forest
  • Bringing it full circle – An ecological approach to forest stewardship


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